Team Member Testimonials

In 2017, we kicked off our new training and mentorship program, taking the timeline of technician independence from a year and a half to three months.

"Our job is to make sure we have a technician that is correctly trained and vetted... going out and doing a professional job, following our processes and procedures," says Mike Scott.

Brechbuhler continues to provide superior weighing solutions and customer service through high-quality personnel.

Through all the years, working here has been challenging, ever evolving, and satisfying based on accomplishments! The company & co workers are the best. I have lived through the evolution of the weighing industry from all mechanical to the state-of-the-art electronics of today. A thank you to everyone that is involved.

John Knapski

Field Service Engineer / Programmer
B-TEK / Brechbuhler Scales

Working at Brechbuhler Scales is just like having a second family. The BSI branches I work with on a daily basis are similar to my immediate family while the other branches, B-tek, Corporate, ICS, and BIS, are similar to my extended family. Over the years, witnessing each coworker use their unique skill set and personality to develop a needed role within our organization and attempting to help them continuously improve along the way. It's rewarding to know that my team's contribution is genuinely appreciated by ownership because they often take time to personally thank us!

Mike Barber

Regional Manager
Brechbuhler Scales Nitro, Parkersburg, Pittsburgh

I started working here at the age of sixteen as a shop helper and clean up employee. I met a man during my interview by the name of Clyde Brechbuhler and he told me as long as you like to work and do as good as possible you will have a job. well at the time i told him yes sir will do my best and he hired me. in my younger years we did a lot of mechanical rebuilds of lever systems. My job would be to clean paint and install new pivot and bearings. must of have been good at this as this. We did many over the years. Did i mention the grease jobs oh my hundreds of them done. i worked with a lot of knowledgeable people over the years, from this company that taught me lot. The state of Ohio came out with you need a CDL to drive. well it was me chosen to take this test it was 1990. Well after the test started diving the test truck for many years. as we hired more people, my work shifted towards heavy capacity scales and a lot of periodic inspections. We did a lot of work for the steel mills and batch plants. they always gave the larger inspections for the fact that they knew they would be done correctly and in a timely manner. I also was one of the first to take my state certification test. This was in 1990 also. IT always made me feel good that every day when the day was over that i helped a customer out and they were happy with my service. this was rewarding for me, yes there were days that left you tired and worn out. But the self satisfaction that i did a good job was all i needed to stay. Now that they gave service Manager job on to more challenges, and doing the best job possible as i promised a man that gave me a chance many years ago.

Chad Datko

Service Manager
Brechbuhler Scales, Cleveland Ohio

Everyday at Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. is a chance to learn and grow personally, while being a part of a team where every member has a voice.

Derrick Castello

Branch Manager
Brechbuhler Scales, Canton OH

After getting out of the Army in 1987, I was looking for a job and ended up finding a career. Every day I'm in someplace different, doing something different. Worked with so many great people over the years. The company is a family company and treated me like family. They've shared in the happy times I've had in my life and have had my back in the bad times. To be that 24 year old kid again, I'd do it all over.

Jeff Engleman

Senior Scale Technician
Brechbuhler Scales, Youngstown OH

I started out as a circuit board repair tech for B-TEK. From there, I moved to a field service technician at Brechbuhler Scales Canton Shop and then the service manager. Four years ago, I transitioned to Training and Quality with Brechbuhler Corporate.

It is a family-owned company where the owners and senior leadership are actively involved in the day-to-day operations. They know my name, and I am not just another body on a spreadsheet.

I have watched the company double or triple in size since I started my career here. During tough economic times when others were losing their jobs, this company kept me working. That means a lot when you are raising and supporting a family.

The scale trade is a tough and unique trade. There is a lot to learn, and the technology is always changing. However, there is a deep sense of pride in mastering this unique trade and the changes that come with it. As time goes by, you develop friendships with our customers, and it is enjoyable to stop by for a visit, shoot the breeze for a bit, and then help them get their scale problems corrected.

I have been able to see the inside workings of industries that I would have never had a chance to see with another job. I have learned skills I never would have learned elsewhere. Finally, I have had the opportunity to work with and learned from some very sharp people.

Mike Scott

Training and Quality
Brechbuhler Scales, Corporate

I have enjoyed my time working for Brechbuhler Scales for the past 24, almost 25 years. The company is full of great people, not only at my branch, but across the company. I have always felt secure and have watched this company grow in bounds!

Kara Schiavone

Accounts Receivable
Brechbuhler Scales, Canton OH

Working in the service department for Canton has been challenging but rewarding. It's a little intimidating to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, but I've been able to learn and grow without limits thanks to our amazing leadership! We use the word teamwork A LOT here and I believe that we practice what we preach. I can honestly say that this started out as just a job but has turned into a career that I'm excited to pursue.

Joni Davis

Service Facilitator
Brechbuhler Scales, Canton OH

Before I came to Brechbuhler Scales I worked in Manufacturing where I did the same task every day. The Scale Technician job I accepted was like being set free form a cage because I was working on something different everyday. I was able to see new places and meet new people. After five years as a Technician I moved into an Account Representative position. While changing professions had it's challenges the rewards and personal growth far exceeded any challenge I have faced. Brechbuhler Scales is a company that knows each of their employees by name and shows daily that they care about their employees. This is a family owned company that treats you like family. I could not imagine working anywhere else.

Don Smith

Account Manager / Former Scale Technician
Brechbuhler Scales, Columbus OH